For newbies embarking on your first pet-friendly vacation, here are five tips to make your trip a breeze.

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Five Tips for a Pet-Friendly Beach Vacation

When you're paws-itive you can't go on another vacation without your fur children in tow, it's time to start planning your pet-friendly vacation. A beach vacation with your pup tagging along does require additional planning, but it's well worth the effort. For newbies embarking on your first pet-friendly vacation, here are five tips to make your trip a breeze.

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  • Research pet-friendly attractions and restaurants before departing for your trip. Few things are more frustrating than arriving in your destination to find it's not truly a pet-friendly area. Begin your research by browsing the destination's official tourism website. You can even call the welcome centers in the area to inquire about pet-friendly restaurants and attractions. Oftentimes outdoor attractions, like Historic Fort Morgan in Gulf Shores, Alabama, allow pets on a leash. Restaurants with outdoor seating are also more apt to permit pets, as well. In Clearwater, Florida, you'll find nearly 200 restaurants that are dog friendly, making dining out easy for the whole family.
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  • Be aware that beaches aren't always pet friendly. While some beaches allow pets on the sand outside the city limits, there are some that have a designated beach area for dogs. In Pensacola, Florida, you'll find several dog-friendly beaches located directly on the Gulf of Mexico. You and your four-footed friends can enjoy the white-sand beaches and turquoise water at Pensacola Beach West Dog Park and Pensacola Beach East Dog Park. Both parks are open from sunrise to sunset and doggie bags, disposable bins and handy wipes are available at each location.
  • Schedule a well visit for your pooch before your trip. Make sure he is up to date on vaccinations and microchip your pup if you haven't already done so.
  • Don't forget their gear. Traveling with a puppy may remind you of traveling with a toddler! Just as you have your necessities, so do they. Bring along a crate for times you leave Fido behind in your dog-friendly condo. Bring their standard food and treats and never switch brands during a trip in the case of sensitive stomachs.
  • Find the perfect pet-friendly condo or beach house through Here, you're dealing directly with property owners, and they love animals just as much as you. You'll find hundreds of accommodations all over the U.S., making it even easier to plan your next pet-friendly beach vacation.